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MOTHER LOVE BONE.Official Releases.CD's.Title : ShineLabel : Stardog/PolygramLengh : 25:18 1). Thru Fade Away 2). Mindshaker Meltdown 3). Half Ass Monkey Boy 4). Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns 5). Capricorn Sister (Shine Version) 6). Untitled Unlisted Track (Known as "Zanzabar") Trivia : This EP sold more than anything else out from Seattle at the time!Title : AppleLabel : Stardog/PolygramLengh : 58:18 1). This is Shangrila 2). Stardog Champion 3). Holy Roller 4). Bone Chine 5). Come Bite The Apple 6). Stargazer 7). Heartshine 8). Captain Hi-Top 9). Man Of Golden Words10). Capricorn Sister11). Gentle Groove12). Mr. Danny Boy13). Crown Of ThornsTitle : Mother Love Bone/Stardog Champion.Label : Stardog/PolygramLengh : TOTAL: 84:56 CD 1 : 77:32 CD 2 : 7:24 1). This is Shangrila 2). Stardog Champion 3). Holy Roller 4). Bone China 5). Come Bite The Apple 6). Stargazer 7). Heartshine 8). Captain Hi-Top 9). Man Of Golden Words10). Capricorn Sister (Apple version)11). Gentle Groove12). Mr. Danny Boy13). Crown Of Thorns14). Thru Fade Away15). Mindshaker Meltdown16). Half Ass Monkey Boy17). Chloe Dancer/Crown of ThornsDISC 2 1). Capricorn Sister (Shine Version) 2). Lady Godiva blues (previously un-released)Note : This is the standard Shine + Apple cd's glued together package, withan added treat of Lady Godiva blues on the second cd as well as both versions of Capricorn Sister we all know and love.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Promo's.Title : Stardog ChampionFormat: Cd SingleLabel : Stardog/PolygramLengh : 9:05 1). Stardog Champion (Lp Version) 2). Gentle Groove (LP Version)Notes : This is just a standard single release but the inlay card folds out to be a poster, same with the Apple albumTitle : StargazerFormat: Cd SingleLabel : Stardog/PolygramLengh : 1). Stargazer Title : This is ShangrilaFormat: Cd SingleLabel : Stardog/PolygramLengh : 1). This is Shangrila Note : Not much is known about these two singles so any info is welcome.Item : Laminate Tour PassTour : ShineNote : From what I have gathered I think that there are two sorts of thesethe one I have is pink with black writing with the date 'March 30 - April30 1989' and the other you can see on the front of the double album cover.Great design.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Compilations.Title : Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Label : Epiclengh : 65:28 1). Would (Alice In Chains) 2). Breath (Pearl Jam) 3). Seasons (Chris Cornell) 4). Dyslexic Heart (Paul Westerberg) 5). Battle Of Evermore (The Lovemongers) 6). Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns (MOTHER LOVE BONE) 7). Birth Ritual (Soundgarden) 8). State Of Love And trust (Pearl Jam) 9). Overblown (Mudhoney)10). Waiting For Somebody (Paul Westerberg)11). May This be love (Jimi Hendrix)12). Drown (Smashing Pumpkins)Notes : Good Film, Good Soundtrack!Title : Unkown (May be called love rock/music or something along those lines).label : UnkownLengh : UnkownTrack featured is Stargazer.Note : Theres not a great deal more than that known about it, if anyoneknows anything again please tell me. I only know about it because I saw itone in Our Price, but didn't have the funds to pick it up - it has apicture of the double album cover in the inlay card.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Videos.Title : The Love Bone Earth AffairLengh : 35/40minsLocation : All Over The Place!!Note : This collage video of music has bits and pieces of all the songs ofthe double album 'Mother love Bone/Stardog Champion' It also features the full videos for 'Stardog Champion' and the never before seen 'Holy Roller' as well 'cam-corder' interviews with all the band members. Well worth wacthing, you also learn what Mother Love Bone could have been called!! With it you also get a postcard!CDnow stock selling it for $14.95CDnow's comment - Never-before-seen footage plus interviews withAndrew Wood, Jeff Ament, and Stone Gossard. Includes "Stardog Champion," "Captain Hi-Top," more. Approx. 35 min. (PV) POLYGRAM R-2607Title : Hard N Heavy volume 9Lengh : 90minsNote : Mother Love Bone are featured on the small Seattle special part, the footage is all taken from the Love Bone Earth Affair, with the backing of the Stardog Champion video.Note : The Love Bone Earth Affair the ONLY official Mother Love Bone video available. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tribute Bands.Title : Temple Of The DogLabel : A&M RecordsLengh : 55:19 1). Say hello 2 Heaven 2). Reach Down 3). Hunger Strike 4). Pushin' Forward Back 5). Call Me A Dog 6). Times Of Trouble 7). Wooden Jesus 8). Your Saviour 9). Four Walled World10). All Night ThingNote : This is an absolutly beautiful tribute to Andy Wood.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unofficial Releases.Records.Title : Capricorn SisterLabel : UnkownFormat: 12" (Black Vinyl)Lenth : 21:26 1). Capricorn Sister 2). Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns 3). Stardog Champion 4). Mindshaker MeltdownNote : Promo only not for resale - VERY rare all black cover.Title : Hold Your Head UpLabel : UnkownFormat: 7" (Blue vinyl)Lengh : 8:03 Side A: Hold Your Head Up Side B: Lady Godiva Blues Man Of Golden WordsNote : No mention of a label, the record itself is blue, Great picture of the band on the sleeve.Cd's.Demos.Title : In Memory Of Andy Wood - Words And Communication #Vol.1Label : Why Not?Venue : Tracks 1-5 Recorded at Andrews home (1984) Tracks 6-8 (1990) Tracks 9-11 Recorded during winter (1984) Tracks 12-15 (1988)Lengh : 77:21Sound : A-Andrew & Kevin Wood Demos 1). Mama Says Right. 2). Man Of Golden Words 3). Love Child 4). Bloody Shame 5). Rock N Roll refugeeTemple Of The Dog Demos 1989 (The date is wrong it must be 1990) 6). Angel Of Fire 7). Reach Down. 8). BellshitMalfunkshun Demos 1984 9). My Only Fan.10). Mr.Liberty11). WinterbitesMother Love Bone Demos 198812). Showdown13). Holy Roller14). Jumping Jahova15). Come Bite The Apple (Muscle Child)Title : In Memory Of Andy Wood - Words And Communication #Vol.2Label : Why Not?Venue : Recorded during several sessions during April 1988,May & July 1989Lengh : 79:09Sound : A- 1). Thru Fade Away 2). Capricorn Sister 3). Stardog Champion 4). Chloe Dancer 5). Half Ass Monkey Boy 6). Holy Roller 7). Lady Godiva Blues 8). Stargazer 9). Mindshaker Meltdown10). The Other Side11). Sabawa Fair12). Elijah13). Hold Your Head Up14). No Blues For You15). Man Of Golden Words16). Bone China17). Crown Of Thorns18). Red Hot Shaft19). Captain Hi-top20). HeartshineNotes : Both the 'In memory' cd's are worth getting another cd with a widerange of songs included they are not in standared cd caseing, but do havegood pictures and quotes on the 'wrap-around'Title : In Rhapsody In ChartreuseLabel :Venue :Lengh :sound :Tracks: Currently UnkownTitle : Pearl Jam And Andrew Wood DemosLabel : Head Music EYE 63Date : 1988 / 1989Venue : StudioLength : 74:04Sound : A/B 1. Thru Fade Away (Heartshine) 2. Mother Love Bone (Capricorn Sister) 3. Stardog Champion 4. Just Like Me (Chloe Dancer) 5. Half Ass Monkey Boy 6. Holy Roller 7. Little Down Blues (Lady Godiva Blues) 8. I'm The Boy (Stargazer) 9. Mindshaker Meltdown10. I'm Your King Bee (Unpredictable Woman?)11. Mother Love Bone (Saviore Fare Slide)12. Bone China13. Holy Roller14. Hold Your Head Up15. These Are No Blues For You16. King Of Games (Man Of Golden Words)17. Moonlight Sky (Bone China)18. My Kind Of Love (Crown Of Thorns)Notes : The titles a bit wrong as this is all Mother love Bone - definitely worth a listen.Title : Shine OnLabel : Ritual 009Venue : DemosLengh : 52:09sound : A/B 1). Still Waiting (For You) 2). Holly Roller 3). Red Light (Go) 4). Muscle Child 5). Capricorn Sister (Take 1) 6). Capricorn Sister (Take 2) 7). Half Ass Monkey Boy 8). Lady Godiva Blues 9). Mama, Jesus & Me (Mam Says right)10). Stardog Campion11). Chloe DancerNote : Some more demos from the boys including 2 versions of CapricornSister as well as some tracks not available on other demo cd's.Title : The Dragon DemosLabel :Venue : StudioLengh :sound :Tracks: Currently UnkownLive Recordings.Title : Hello HometownLabel : RockdreamsVenue : The Vogue (Seattle 03/01/1990)Lengh : 53:16Sound : A 1). This is Shangrila 2). Capricorn Sister 3). Half Ass Monkey Boy 4). Bone China 5). Heartshine 6). Mr. Danny Boy 7). Come Bite The Apple 8). Thru Fadeaway 9). Stardog Champion10). Holy Roller11). Hold Your Head Up12). I'm In love with my carNotes : Truly excellent show, Andy shine's as always, it's a soundboard recording as well which just adds to it all (-:Title : Sister AssLabel : Home RecordsVenue : Vogue Theatre, Seattle, 3 January '90 / Cactus club, San Jose, 1 may '89Lengh : 74:32sound : AVogue Theatre, Seattle: 1). This is Shangrila 2). Capricorn Sister 3). Half Ass Monkey Boy 4). Bone China 5). Heartshine 6). Mr.Danny Boy 7). Come Bite The Apple 8). Thru Fade Away 9). Stardog Champion10). Holy RollerCactus club, San Jose:11). Captain Hi-top12). Seasons Changing13). Mr. Danny Boy14). Bone China15). Crown Of Thorns16). I'm In Love With My CarNote : I have been told by a reliable source that this is also an extremely good show it also has the so-far mysterious song 'Seasons Changing' on it....Title : There Was Live Before Pearl JamLabel : New plastic recordsVenue : Live in Seattle, Bumbershoot Festival september 3rd 1989Lenth : 46:05Sound : B- 1). Captain Hi-Top / This is Shangrila 2). Come Bite The Apple 3). Bone China 4). Heartshine 5). Capricorn Sister 6). Gentle Groove 7). Thru Fadeaway 8). Mr. Danny Boy 9). L.A. Woman (Medley)Notes : Not a brilliant sound, but you do get that festival feel to it which adds atmosphere which makes it yet another must have. (Incomlete show).Title : This Is ShangrilaLabel :Venue : (U.S.A 1989)Lengh :sound :Tracks: Currently Unkown --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Related Unofficial cd's (ie cd's with Mother Love Bone songs on them)!Title : EvolutionLabel : Collectors Pleasure COP 002Venue : Studio Demos & Live : 1. Green River 2. Malfunkshun 3. Mother Love Bone 4. Andrew Wood 5. Bad Radio 6. Gossman Project 7. Mookie Blaylock 8. Pearl JamLength : 77:33Abbrevs: MA=Mural Amphitheatre RS=Reciprocal Studios SJ=San JoseTracks Band Sound Date/Venue 1.Together Will Never Green River A 1985 2.Bazaar Green River A 1985 3.Anything I Want Green River C Seattle, 6/2/86 4.San Diego Beach Malfunkshun C Andrew Woods Bedroom, 1986 5.Thru Fade Away Mother Love Bone C+ RS, Seattle, 2/88 6.Holy Roller Mother Love Bone C+ RS, Seattle, 2/88 7.Half Ass Monkey Boy Mother Love Bone C+ RS, Seattle, 2/88 8.Bone China Mother Love Bone B Cactus Club, SJ, 5/1/89 9.My Kind Of Love Andrew Wood B Seattle, 198910.How's That Bad Radio C+ LA, 198911.Wanted You To Know Bad Radio C+ LA, 198912.Alive (Instrum.) Gossman Project B Seattle, 199013.'E' Ballad (Instrum.) Gossman Project B Seattle, 199014.Even Flow Mookie Blaylock C Seattle, 11/9015.Alive Mookie Blaylock C+ Seattle, ??16.Jeremy Pearl Jam B MA, Seattle, 8/23/9117.Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam C Indio, CA, 11/5/9318.Daughter Pearl Jam C Indio, CA, 11/5/93Notes : Yet another must have!Title : Hallucinogenic RecipesLabel : Alley CatVenue : DISC 1 .. Mother Love Bone / Studio Master Demos DISC 2 .. Green River / 1st Demos Stone Gossard / Demos DISC 3 .. Eddie Vedder / Solo Home Demos / Rock/N/Roll Hall Of Fame (Doors) / Bob Dylan Tribute (NY) DISC 4 .. Pearl Jam / Christmas Time / Ten Outtakes / .Vs Outtakes DISC 5 .. Pearl Jam / The Aladdin, Las Vegas, 12/1/93 / The Warfield, San Fran., 10/28/93 / Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, 11/17/93Format: 5CD Box SetSound : C//APrice : around $100 (im not sure in english pounds as i've never seen it around!)DISC 1 DISC 2Mother Love Bone / Studio Demos Green River / 1st Demos 1.Thru Fade Away (Heartshine) 1.New God 2.Savoy Fare Slide 2.Tunnel Of Love 3.Waiting For You 3.Untitled 4.Stardog Champion 4.Leash 5.Chloe Dancer 5.Twist 6.Half Ass Monkey 6.Fear 7.Dreams Come True 7.Baby, Help Me... 8.Gentle Groove 8.33 RPS 9.Greasy (She's So) *** Stone Gossard / Demos10.Heartshine 9.New God11.Untitled 10.Richard E.12.Ever Kissed A Lady 11.E Ballad (Black)13.Holly Roller 12.Wreck14.These R No Blues For You 13.Weird A (Animal)15.Playground 14.Pushin Forward Back16.Savoy Fare Slide 15.The King (Even Flow)17.Country Shmoe & The Fist18.Rhapsody In ChartreuseDISC 3 DISC 4Eddie Vedder / Solo Home Demos Pearl Jam / Christmas Time 1.Just Wanted You To Know 1.Let Me Sleep 2.What Do You Want 2.Ramblings 1 3.Believe *** Pearl Jam / Ten Outtakes 4.Live 3.Wash (re/mix) 5.Stand By 4.Dirty Frank 6.It's Just A Book 5.Oceans (re/mix) 7.Just Wanted You To Know(2nd) 6.Footsteps 8.What The Fuck Is Up 7.Yellow Ledbetter 9.I'm Alive, How's That 8.Release10.Broken Down 9.Alive11.What The Fuck Is Up(2nd) 10.Breath12.Believe(2nd) 11.State Of Love & Trust13.I'm Alive, How's That(2nd) *** Pearl Jam / Vs. Outtakes14.I Don't Know 12.The Whipping15.Roadhouse Blues 13.Don't Need16.Break On Through 14.Hard To Imagine17.Light My Fire 15.Girl18.Master Of War 16.Alone 17.MysteryDISC 5Pearl Jam / The Aladdin, Las Vegas, 12/01/93 1. Animal 9. State Of Love & Trust 2. Why Go 10. Porch 3. Jeremy 11. Rearviewmirror 4. Glorified G 12. Alone 5. Daughter 13. Rockin' In The Free World 6. Even Flow 14. Indifference 7. Garden 15. Leash 8. Blood 16. Crazy Mary (w/V. Williams)Note : This is THE box set to own, it's histry in the making and has a brilliant varity of songs from all the artists featured - get it!Title : Seattle ScruffsLabel : TotonkaDate : 1987, 1988, & 1989Venue : 1-2 .. Soundgarden 1987 3-9 .. Mother love bone 1988 10-14 .. Alice in chains 1989Length: 52:13Sound : ATracks: 1. Beyond The Wheel 8. Chloe Dancer 2. Nothing To Say 9. 2:42 Killing Yourself 3. Thru Fade Away 10. 5:26 Sea Of Sorrow 4. Holy Roller 11. 4:52 Chemical Addiction 5. Stargazer 12. 3:22 I Can't Remember 6. Mindhaker Meltdown 13. 4:03 I Can't Have You Blues 7. Lady Godiva BluesNote : This is a must have for all Mother Love Bone/Alice In Chains fans.Note : There are Others with Mother Love Bone songs on (5 musketeers,covering them selves etc) but it is usually only one song and that's Usually'Hold Your Head Up' so it's not worth putting them down).--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Videos.Location : Seattle, WAVenue : Kent UniDate : 08/11/88Running Time : 40minCamerawork : A-Bootleg CD(s): None AvailableSetlist : 1). Thru Fadeaway 2). Half Ass Monkeyboy 3). ??? 4). Lady Godiva Blues 5). Stargazer 6). Bone China 7). Captain Hi-Top 8). Stardog Champion 9). Holy RollerLocation : Seattle, WAVenue : The VogueDate : 00/10/89Running Time : 46 minsCamerawork : ABootleg CD(s): Hello Hometown / Sister assSetlist : 1). Holy Roller 2). Half Ass Monkey Boy 3). Capricorn Sister 4). Heartshine 5). Bone China 6). Thru Fadeaway 7). ??? 8). Stardog Champion 9). Captain Hi-top10). Mindshaker Meltdown.Location : Seattle, WAVenue : Bumbershoot FestivalDate : 9/3/89Running Time : 62 minCamerawork : A-Bootleg CD(s): There Was Life Before Pearl JamSetlist : 1). Captain Hi-Top 2). This is Shangrila 3). Come Bite The Apple 4). Bone China 5). Heartshine 6). Capricorn Sister 7). Gentle Groove 8). Thru Fadeaway 9). Mr. Danny Boy 10). Half Ass Monkeyboy 11). Stardog Champion 12). Holy Roller 13). Chloe Dancer/Crown Of ThornsNotes : Great performance. Andy talks to the crowd a lot. Didn't he always. Location : Seattle, WAVenue : Central TavernDate : ?/?/88Running Time : 60 minCamerawork : Currently Unkown Bootleg CD(s): Currently Unkown Setlist : Currently UnkownLocation : Seattle, WAVenue : Paramount TheaterDate : ?/?/88Running Time : 60 minCamerawork : Currently Unkown Bootleg CD(s): Currently Unkown Setlist : Currently Unkown--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tribute Bands Unofficial Videos.Location : Seattle, WAVenue : The OfframpDate : 10/13/90Running Time : 57 minCamerawork : BSetlist : 1). Hunger Strike 2). Wooden Jesus 3). Say Hello 2 Heaven 4). Reach Down 5). Call Me a Dog 5). Times Of Trouble 6). Pushin' Forward Back, 7). Your Saviour 8). Four Walled WorldNote: Temple of the Dog. Not exactly Mother Love Bone, but TOTD is a tributeso I included it! May be the only Temple vid in existance since they did only three full shows. Tri-pod shot. No close-ups unfortunately.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------MALFUNKSHUNOfficial Releases.CD'sTitle : Return To OlympusLabel : Loosegroove/Epiclengh : 58:16 1). Enter Landrew 2). My Only Fan 3). Mr. Liberty (With Morals) 4). Jezebel Woman 5). Shot Gun Wedding 6). Wang Dang Sweet Poontang 7). Until The Ocean 8). I Want To Be Yo Daddy 9). Winterbites 10). Make Sweet Love / Region 11). Luxury Bed (The Rocketship Chair) 12). Exit Landrew-33). With Yo Heart Not Yo Hands (Live, Secret track)Notes : Only Just Released (1995) absolutely brilliant especially as it'saround 10 years old!!! an added bonus is that it has a low price and the isan address in the excellent inlay card for Loosgoove/MalfunkshunT-shirt info.Trivia : When you open the CD you see a picture of the bands members, lookat Andy's belt then ask yourself about the Loosegroove label on it!...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Compilations.Title : Loosegroove Volume oneLabel : LoosegrooveLengh : 50:35 1). Too Much protection - Devilhead 2). Polly - Devilhead 3). Shag - Critters Buggin' 4). Naked truth - Critters Buggin' 5). Uppity Tuppity Doolittle - Weapon Of Choice 6). U Owe It To U - Weapon Of Choice 7). Do You Know - Prose And Concepts 8). W.O.T.R [Re-mixed version] - Prose And Concepts 9). My Only Fan - Malfunkshun10). 20th Century ['66 Chevelle] - Brad Note : Cardboard case, Picture of each band and a little info on each band,well worth the VERY low cost - I think you can still order it. Also with it you get a postcard send for information thing, but I still havn't heard back from them!Trivia : the picture is the same as the one mention with the Malfunkshun album, Andys belt does not have the loosegroove label!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hard to find Releases!CD'sTitle : Deep SixLabel : C/ZLengh : 43:55Sound : 1). 10,000 Things - Green River 2). Scared - Melvins 3). Blessing The Operation - Melvins 4). With Yo Heart Not Yo Hands - Malfunshun 5). Throb - Skin Yard 6). Heretic - Soundgarden 7). Tears To Forget - Soundgarden 8). Stars-N-You - Malfunkshun 9). Grinding Process - Melvins10). She Waits - Melvins11). The Birds - Skin Yard12). All Your Lies - Soundgarden13). Your Own Best Friend - Green River14). They - U-MenNote : A picture of each band in the inlay cards the Malfunkhun tracks arn't available on the album which makes this a cd to own!Trivia : C/Z originally released this in 1986 and then promised not to re-release it as most of the bands were embarrassed - C/Z re-released it in 1994 but it is still quite hard to find - supposedlyTitle : Another Pyrrhic VictoryLabel : C/Zlengh :Sound : (full track-listing on way)Tracks featured :-Shotgun Wedding My Only FanNote : Other artists on cd include - Green RiverUnofficial releases.Still Searching But rumor has it that there are cd's and videos to be had!!!


Rhapsody In Chartreuse

and it's demos from 1989-90.

1. Country Shad and the Fist 2:16

2. Stardog Champion 5:22

3. Sub Wah Fare Slide #2 4:06

4. Show Down 7:14

5. Chloe Dancer 2:10

6. Dream Come True 3:04

7. Gentle Groove 2:32

8. Greasy (She's So) 2:38

9. Heartshine 4:42

10. Ever Kissed A Lady 8:15

11. Greasy (instrumental) 2:04

12. These Are No Blues 4:06

13. Sub Wah Fare Slide #1 3:58

14. Thru Fadeaway 3:26

15. Rhapsody in Chartreuse 4:10

16. Hold Your Head Up 5:25


at about 5:30 on track #16, You hear something like, "Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another session of... L'Andrew's demos."

Then there's the bonus track, which is an instrumental, on the same track as Hold Your Head Up, which is a different version than on the Pearl Jam bootleg "Demos and Wizard." I'm not sure of the company, but I think it's the same an "Pearl Jam: Then and Now." They're both mostly black and white, with the back cover being a picture on the left and the tracks listed vertically on the right. The cover is a studio shot of the band, and the inside is a green-tinted, non-warped picture of the Apple foldout poster.

------------------------From Mario Rossetti


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