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Brian Jones was born Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones on February 28,1942, to Lewis and Louisa Jones, in Cheltenham,Gloucestershire,England. His father,Lewis worked at Dowty's aircraft works,and his mother Louisa was a piano teacher. His schooling started at Dean Close public school ,and from there went to Cheltenham Grammer school. He was suspended for a short time,but yet maintained good grades. Brian sang in the choir and played the saxophone in many jazz bands. Two of the bands was Bill Nile's Delta Band and the Ramrods, which would perform at art schools.

Brian was estranged from his family after getting several young women pregnate,including Pat Andrews,which is considered Brian's first real girlfriend. They had a baby together,named Mark. Brian and Pat lived together in a horrid apartment,while Brian worked as a coalman,and in a record shop,to make ends meet.

But soon,Brian realized that his only love was music. He soon abandoned Pat and baby Mark to be in a band with Alexis Korner. One night in April,1962 while playing,Keith Richards saw Brian playing an amazing slide guitar on 'Dust my Broom'. Keith soon introduced Brian to Mick Jagger,and the rest is history they say,as that is how the Rolling Stones were started. Even though Brian had gotten many girls pregnate in his lifetime and had 'loved' many,one girl seemed to had catch his eye. Just as the Stones were jetting into stardom,in 1965,Brian met Anita Pallenberg,a 23 year old German former model,when she snuck backstage in Munich,1965 and until 1967 they had a sometimes strange relationship. Anita eventually left Brian for Keith Richards,claiming that Brian was abusive. That left Brian feeling even more depressed,and went into a spiral of drugs and alcohol,and was arrested two times,once in May 10th,1967 and April 21st,1968. From there on,he kept on using drugs and drinking. The musical genius had now entered a drug/alcohol induced haze. He wasn't the spunky,energetic,trouble-making kid his friends and band members once knew. He refused to pick up a guitar. On June 8th 1969,Mick Jagger,Keith Richards and Charlie Watts arrived at Brian's brand new mansion in Hartfield,Sussex,England,to fire him from the band. On July 3rd,1969 Brian was found by his girlfriend Anna Wolen and friend Frank Thourogood dead at the bottom of his own swimming pool. There has been many speculations as to what killed Brian. Was he murdered? There was a rumor that Frank had accidentaly drowed Brian in a alcohol induced argument,claims Brian's assistant,that Frank made a deathbed confession, almost 25 years later. Or did Brian get an asthma attack while swimming?? He was often called a great swimmer. We will never know how Brian died,even though there was Barbituates were found in his blood,which were prescribed to help Brian sleep. To this day,it still remains a mystery.

But we will always remember Brian's love of music,and the fact that he played over 15 instruments,which proved that his greatest talent was music.

By Nicole Page.

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