Jerry Garcia Discography

Jerry Garcia and Others

Hooteroll? Douglas 1971
Garcia Grateful Dead 1972
Live At Keystone Fantasy 1973
Compliments of Garcia Grateful Dead 1974
Old & In The Way Round 1975
Reflections Round 1976
Cats Under the Stars Arista 1978
Run For Roses Arista 1982
Almost Acoustic Grateful Dead 1988
Jerry Garcia/David Grisman Acoustic Disc 1991
Jerry Garcia Band Arista 1991
Not For Kids Only Acoustic Disk 1993
How Sweet It Is Arista/Grateful
Dead Records 1997

Grateful Dead Discography

The Grateful Dead Warner Brothers 1967
Anthem of the Sun Warner Brothers 1968
Aoxomoxoa Warner Brothers 1969
Live/Dead Warner Brothers 1969
Workingman's Dead Warner Brothers 1970
American Beauty Warner Brothers 1970
Grateful Dead [Skull and Roses] Warner Brothers 1971
Europe '72 Warner Brothers 1972
History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) Warner Brothers 1973
Wake of the Flood Grateful Dead 1973
Skeletons From the Closet Warner Brothers 1974
Grateful Dead From the Mars
Hotel Grateful Dead 1974
Blues for Allah Grateful Dead 1975
Steal your Face Grateful Dead 1976
What a Long Strange Trip It's
Been Warner Brothers 1977
Terrapin Station Arista 1977
Shakedown Street Arista 1978
Go To Heaven Arista 1980
Reckoning Arista 1980
Dead Set Arista 1981
In The Dark Arista 1987
Dylan & The Dead CBS 1989
Built to Last Arista 1989
Without A Net Arista 1990
One From the Vault Grateful Dead 1991
Infrared Roses Grateful Dead 1991
Two from the Vault Grateful Dead 1992
Dicks Picks, Vol. One Grateful Dead 1993
Grayfolded Swell/Artifact 1994
Dicks Picks Vol Two Grateful Dead 1995
Hundred Year Hall Grateful Dead 1995 


Zabriskie Point MGM 1970
Deja Vu (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Atlantic 1970
Blows Against the Empire RCA 1970
New Riders of the Purple Sage Columbia 1971
If I Could Only Remember My Name Atlantic 1971
Fire Up Fantasy 1973
Wanted Dead of Alive Columbia 1974
Dig Rhythm Band Round 1976
Blues From The Rainforest Summertime 1990


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