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  Timothy Patrick Kelly was born on January 13, 1963 in Trenton, New Jersey.  Tim was a self taught guitar player and began his music career around the sixth grade.  He was inspired by other guitarists such as Rick Derringer and Peter Frampton. 
    Some of the bands Tim played in during his career included Hellion, New Haven, and Allegiance (that was fronted by his brother Brian) along with a couple other cover bands.  After no real success with these bands Tim teamed up with Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum (both of which came from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion group) to form a new group with their own original music.  They later found Blas Elias and he joined as their drummer.  Thus, the group Slaughter was formed.
    Slaughter emerged on the music scene in the year 1990 with a vengeance.  They released their first album entitled "Stick It To Ya " that same year and had a few hit singles that topped the charts.  These singles included "Up All Night" and "Fly To The Angels".  On this same album Tim wrote and performed an instrumental piece called "Thinking of June" which he dedicated to his sister who died in 1982 from ovarian cancer.
    Slaughter's success did not stop here though.  They went on to record another six albums over their nine year career.  These recordings included another three studio albums, a live EP, a best of compilation,  and the full length live album entitled "Eternal Live" which includes a pictorial and video tribute to Tim.  Slaughter also released three home videos.
    Even with all the success that Slaughter enjoyed Tim found the time to be active in community service, particularly in reaching out to our troubled youth with the positive message rock and roll can bring.  Tim himself had a bit of a troubled past and knew what these kids were going through.
    At the time of his death Tim resided in Henderson, Nevada.  Henderson is a suburb of Las Vegas, which proudly honored Slaughter's platinum success with the keys to the city in November, 1991.
    Tim will surely be missed by all that knew and loved him.  He was a talented musician, wonderful person, and loyal friend to many.  Tim may have been taken from us too soon, but his positive outlook on life lives on through the music he has left behind.


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