Wendy O Williams Discography


1982:    Wendy & Lemmy  (Bronze Records)
1984:    WOW  (Passport Records)
1984:    WOW Picture Disc  (Passport Records)
1984:    WOW 7" Single  (Music For Nations)
1984:    WOW 12" Single  (Music For Nations)
1985:    Fuck 'n Roll  (Jackhammer Records)
1986:    Kommander of Kaos  (Gigasaurus/ Sledgehammer Records)
1986:    Reform School Girls Soundtrack  (Rhino Records)
1988:    Ultra Fly and the Hometown Girls-Deffest and Baddest  (Profile/Sledgehammer Records)
w/  The Plasmatics
1980:    New Hope For the Wretched  (Stiff UK/Stiff Canada/Stiff America Records)
1981:    Beyond the Valley of 1984  (Stiff America Records)
1981:    Metal Priestess  (Stiff America Records)
1982:    Coup d'Etat  (Capital Records)
1987:    Maggots- The Record  (Ninth Anniversary Album)


With help from Alice Hendershott

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