Freddie Mercury Discography

Freddie Mercury DISCOGRAPHY

Freddie Mercury CDs

Barcelona 1988 Polydor CD 837 277-2

The Freddie Mercury Album 1992 Parlophone CD CDPCSDX

The Man From Manhattan 1995 Voice Print/Vital CD BUD 002CD

Mr Bad Guy 1985 CBS CD 86312

The Great Pretender Hollywood Records

Queen CD,s

Queen 1973 EMI (remaster)

Queen II 1974 EMI (remaster)

Sheer Heart Attack 1974 EMI (remaster)

A Night at the Opera 1975 EMI (remaster)

A Day at the Races 1976 EMI (remaster)

News of the World 1977 EMI (remaster)

Jazz 1978 EMI (remaster)

Live Killers 1979 EMI (remaster)

The Game 1980 EMI (remaster)

Queen At The Beeb 1989 Band of Joy

Flash Gordon 1980 EMI (remaster)

Greatest Hits 1981 UK & US '92 releases

Hot Space 1982 EMI (remaster)

The Works 1984 EMI (remaster) & Hollywood Records (remaster)

A Kind of Magic 1986 EMI

A Night At The Opera 1988 Parlophone

Live Magic 1986 EMI

The Miracle 1989 Hollywood Records (remaster)

At The Beeb 1989 Band of Joy

At The BBC Hollywood Records

Innuendo 1991 EMI

Photo Session 1992 CD SET UFO

Greatest Hits II 1991 EMI

Classic Queen 1992 Hollywood Records

The 12" Collection 1992 EMI

The Interview Collection 1994 Backtabak

Queen Live At Wembley ' 1992 EMI

Made in Heaven 1995 EMI

The show must go on ,

by mary anne christiano


news of the world/made sad

fans of old (and new ones too)

those songs/wore the grooves to the bone

a vocalistic promenade -

a charmed delite!

i watched you prance about on the Midnight Special

a Harlequin in a grand parade

school girl dreams evoked in many (those naughty diary entries!)

sought tidbits in Circus and Creem magazines

Mega Rock Star of my restless youth

Time turned you into my dear dear friend

i never met you, yet

all fondness remains

Freddie Mercury

a classic

much more than magic,

much more than a memory,

you're still the Champion

Show Must Go On


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