Jimi Hendrix Discography

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Primary Discography

1967 Are You Experienced? - listen to samples
1967 Axis: Bold as Love - listen to samples
1968 Electric Ladyland - listen to samples
1970 Band of Gypsys - listen to samples


Jimi Hendrix Extended Discography:

Ultimate Experience |1993|MCA |10829

Ultimate Experience |1993|MCA

Stages |1991|Reprise |26732

Lifelines - the Jimi Hendrix Story |1991|Reprise |26435

Last Experience Concert, The |1990|Zeta |517

Ladyland |1990|Reprise |6307

First Rays of the New Rising Sun |1990|Reprise |2034

Essential Jimmy Hendrix |1990|Reprise |26035

Welcome Home |198?|Astan |201020

Second Time Around |198?|Astan |201018

Mr Pitiful |198?|Astan |201019

Last Night |198?|Astan |201016

Hush Now |198?|Astan |201021

Radio One |1989|Rykodisc |20078

Live & Unreleased Radio Show |1989|Castle |100

Jimi Hendrix Experience |1989|Rykodisc |20078

Jam Session |1989|Koine |880802

In the West /Isle of Wight |1989|Polydor |8313132

At His Best - Vol. 4 |1988|Joker |3535

16 Great Classics |1988|Big Time |2615254

Live at Winterland |1987|Rykodisc |20038

Jimi Hendrix Experience |1987|Signal |88110

At His Best - Vol. 1 |1987|Joker |3271

Replay on Jimi Hendrix |1986|Sierra |5032

Plays Monterey |1986|Warner Bro|25358

Live: Monterey |1986|HBO |6573

Legend |1986|Arcade |430

Johnny B. Goode |1986|Capitol |15022

Gangster of Love |1986|Topline |124

Tomorrow Never Knows |1984|Happy Bird|90166

Legends of Rock |1984|Telefunken|28530

Kiss the Sky |1984|Reprise |25119

Jimi Hendrix Live |1984|Polydor |7302114

Singles Album |1983|Polydor

Re Experienced |1983|Polydor |2679036

Jimi Hendrix Album |1983|Contour |2067

Hey Joe |1983|Polydor |2486158

Crash Landing/Midnight Lightnin |1983|Polydor

Jimi Hendrix Interview, The |1982|Rhino

Jimi Hendrix Concerts, The |1982|Reprise

Hendrix Concerts |1982|CBS |88592

Concerts, The |1982|Warner Bro|22306

20 Golden Pieces 2 |1982|Bulldog |2027

20 Golden Pieces |1982|Bulldog |2010

Stone Free |1981|Polydor |2343114

Profile |1981|Teldec |624782

Free Spirit |1981|Magnum |94

Cosmic Turn Around |1981|Audio Fide|1002

Cosmic Feeling |1981|Accord |7139

Before London |1981|Accord |7101

Woke up This Morning |1980|Red Lightn|0015

Nine to the Universe |1980|Reprise |2299

Legendary |1980|Polydor |2490156

Greatest Sessions |1980|Saar

Box Set |1980|Polydor |2625040

Super Hendrix |197?|Musidisc |1354

Star Portrait |197?|Karussell |2672002

Sky High |197?|Kustom |1

Pop History |197?|Polydor |2675013

Hendrix Story |197?|Warner Bro|64017

Day Tripper |197?|Quality |1814 |

Best of Jimi Hendrix |197?|EMI |7464852

Before the Deluge |197?|EMI |50780

Are You Experienced?/Axis: Bold |197?|Warner Bro|23711

Jimi Hendrix Medley |1979|Reprise |840

Essential 2 |1979|Warner Bro|2293

Genius of Hendrix |1978|Festival |204

Essential, The |1978|Reprise |2245

Friends |1977|Ember |3434

For Real |1976|DJM |8011

Very Best of Jimi Hendrix, The |1975|United Art|505

Together |1975|Pickwick |3347

Midnight Lightning |1975|Warner Bro|2229

Jimi Hendrix Interview Lp, The |1975|Crawdaddy |1975

Jimi Hendrix 2 (Comp) |1975|Polydor |2343086

Jimi Hendrix |1975|Polydor |2343080

Hendrix 66 |1975|Enterprise|1030

Crash Landing |1975|Reprise |2204

Roots of Rock |1974|Everest |296

Moods |1974|Trip |9512

Loose Ends |1974|Polydor |2310301

Looking Back |1974|Ember |3428

Wild One |1973|Hallmark |791

Soundtrack Recordings |1973|Warner Bro|6481

Jimi Hendrix/Little Richard Together |1973|Pickwick |3347

Jimi Hendrix Vol 3 |1973|Pandisc |6315

Jimi Hendrix Vol 2 |1973|Pandisc |6314

Jimi Hendrix Vol 1 |1973|Pandisc |6313

Jimi Hendrix (Sdtk) |1973|Reprise |6481

Jimi Hendrix (Comp) |1973|Reprise |64017

Genius of Jimi Hendrix, The |1973|Trip |9523

What'd I Say |1972|MFP |5278

War Heroes |1972|Reprise |2103

Super Pack |1972|Trip |3509

Roots of Hendrix, The |1972|Trip |9501

Rare Hendrix |1972|Trip |9500

More Experience |1972|Bulldog |4003

Jimi Hendrix in Concert |1972|Springboar|4031

Jimi Hendrix |1972|Trip |3505

In the Beginning |1972|Shout |502

In Concert |1972|Springboar|4031

Hendrix in the West |1972|Reprise |2049

Genius |1972|Trip |59523

Friends from the Beginning |1972|ALA |1972

At His Best - Vol. 3 |1972|Saga |6315

At His Best - Vol. 2 |1972|Saga |6214

Together with Lonnie Youngblood|1971|Maple |6004

Rainbow Bridge |1971|Reprise |2040

Legacy |1971|Polydor

Isle of Wight |1971|Polydor |2302016

Face & Place |1971|BYG |529912

Experience |1971|Bulldog |40023

Eternal Fire |1971|Hallmark |732

Cry of Love, The |1971|Reprise |2034

2 Great Experiences |1971|Maple |6004

Rainbow Bridge |1970|Rhino |6727

Plays Berkeley |1970| |5360

Monterey International Pop Festifal |1970|Reprise

Live Vol 1 |1970|Stateside |155

Historic Performances Recorded |1970|Reprise |2029

Birth of Success |1970|MFP |50053

Band of Gypsys |1970|Capitol |472

Voodoo Chile |196?|Karussell |2999012

Strange Things |1968|London |8369

Smash Hits |1968|Reprise |2276

Flashing |1968|Capitol |2894

Electric Ladyland Part2 |1968|Track Reco|613017

Electric Ladyland Part1 |1968|Track Reco|613010

Electric Ladyland |1968|Reprise |6307

Electric Hendrix (Withdrawn) |1968|Track Reco|2856002

Get That Feeling |1967|Flashing |659

Axis: Bold As Love |1967|Reprise |6281

Are You Experienced? |1967|Reprise |6261

Woke up This Morning & Found.... |Z |Red Lightn|68

Variations on a Theme: "Red House" |Z |Hal Leonar|60040

Two Great Experiences Together! |Z |Chess |91533

Story of Jimi |Z |Warner Bro|

Night Life |Z |Magnum

Jimi Plays Monterey| |Reprise |25358

Jimi Plays Berkeley |Z |Warner Bro|38223

Historic Hendrix |Z |Pair |1155

High Live & Dirty |Z |Nutneg |1001

Hendrix Speaks: The Jimi Hendrix Z |Rhino |70771

Experience Collection, The | |MCA

Experience |Z |Warner Bro|38297

Early Years |Z |MFP |?

Early Instrumentals |Z |CEMA |57282

Early Classics |Z |Special Mu|4926

Doriella Du Fontaine |Z |Restless |72663

Berkely 1970 |Z |Warner Bro|38223

Band of Gypsies 2 | |Capitol |12416

At Monterey |Z |Warner Bro|2029




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