Rick Nelson Discography


Rick Nelson sings "For you". 1990, 1964 MCAD-31363 MCA

All my best. 1986 SED-1035 Silver Eagle Records

Best of Ricky Nelson. 1991 D2-77484 Curb

Rick Nelson in concert: (The Troubadour, 1969) 1987 MCAD-25983 MCA

Ricky Nelson, volume one. 1990 CDP 7 92771 2 EMI

Rick Nelson: Vol. 2. 1991 CDP-7-95219-2 EMI Records

Stone Canyon Band. Garden party. 1972 MCAD 31364 MCA

A wonder like you. 5770 Imperial

Live (1983-1985). R2 71114 Rhino

Collection Rick Nelson (LIVE) 1989 Castle CCSCD211

Country Music 1994 BMG CD336

Garden party 1994 BMG BGOCD38

In Concert from Chicago to LA 1992 Magnum CDMF083

Just For You 1989 CRC 30232 AAD

Live 1991 BMG 15178

Live At The Alladdin 1991 Magnun CDMF 078

Live At The Universal Amphitheatre 1992 Magnum MMGV 034

Live In Chicago 1992 Magnum MMGV 053

Mighty God 1993 BMG CD66129

Rick Nelson in Concert 1993 Magnum MMGV 034

Rockin With Rick 1993 Charly CPCD 8004

Sings Songs For You 1990 MCA DMCL 1907

A Teenage Idol 1993 World Star Coll CD99009

Greatest hits 1992 Star MU 5019

Rick Nelson and the Stone canyon band 1969-1976 Pinnacle EDCD417

D I S C O G R A P H Y (albums)

Teen Time 1957 Verve.

Ricky 1957 United Artists.

Ricky Nelson 1958 Imperial.

Ricky Sings Again 1959 Imperial.

Songs by Ricky 1959 Imperial.

More Songs by Ricky 1960 Imperial.

Rick Is 21 1961 Imperial.

Album Seven 1962 Imperial.

For Your Sweet Love 1963 Decca.

It's up to You 1963 Imperial.

Long Vacation 1963 Imperial.

Rick Nelson Sings for You 1963 MCA.

Very Thought of You 1964 Decca.

Million Sellers 1964 Imperial.

Sings for You 1964 MCA.

Spotlight on Rick 1965 Decca.

Love & Kisses 1966 Decca.

Bright Lights & Country Fever 1966 Decca.

On the Flip Side 1967 Decca.

Country Fever 1967 Decca.

I Need You 1968 Sunset.

Perspective 1968 Decca.

Another Side of Rick 1969 Decca.

In Concert 1970 MCA.

Rick Sings Nelson 1970 MCA.

Rick Nelson in Concert 1970 Decca.

Rudy the Fifth 1971 MCA.

Ricky Nelson United Artists 1971.

Garden Party 1972 MCA.

Rick Nelson Country 1973 MCA.

Windfall 1974 MCA.

Intakes 1977 Epic.

Ricky Nelson United 1979 Artists.

Rick Nelson 1978 Sunset.

Ricky Nelson Story 1979 Arista.

Four You 1981 Epic.

Playing to Win 1981 Capitol.

Decca Years 1982 MCA.

String Along with Rick 1984 Charly.

Hey Pretty Baby 1986 Rockstar.

Live 1983-1985 , 1989 Rhino.

Legendary Masters EMI 1990 America.

Rick Sings for You 1990 MCA.

Ricky Nelson, Vol. 1 1991 EMI.

Lonesome Town 1992 Special Music.

Teenage Idol 1992 CEMA.

1969-1976 ,1995 Edsel.

Rockin' with Ricky 1996 Ace.

Memphis Sessions Epic.

Rick Nelson Million Sellers Imperial.

Souvenirs EMI.

Nelson, Ricky Liberty.

Stars of the 60s United Artists.

Rick Nelson Story Jet.

Garden Party [MCA Special] .

Rick Nelson, Vol. 2 EMI.

Live at the Aladdin Magnum.

Stay Young: The Epic Recordings.

Ricky Nelson 1957-1972 Time Life.


D I S C O G R A P H Y (compilations, boxes).

Best Sellers Rick Nelson 1963 Imperial.

Best Always 1965 Decca.

Best Sellers 1966 Imperial.

Very Best of Rick Nelson 1970 Sunset.

Very Best of Rick Nelson 1975 United Artists.

Ricky Nelson Singles 1977 MCA.

Very Best of Rick Nelson EMI 1985 America.

All My Best 1988 MCA.

Best of 1964-1975 1990 Decca.

All-Time Greatest Hits 1990 Curb.

Best of 1963-1975 1990 MCA.

Best of #2 1991 EMI.

Best of Rick Nelson 1991 Curb.

Best of Rick Nelson, Vol. 2 1991 Capitol.

Best of Rick Nelson 1991 Curb.

Greatest Hits Revisited 1992 CEMA.

Greatest Hits Rhino.

Golden Greats Liberty.

Big Hits United Artists.

Tribute To Rhino.

Universal Amph. MCA.

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