Alex Harvey Tribute

February 4, 1982: Alex Harvey dies at the age of 47

May 3, 1972: Les Harvey dies at the age of 27

Alex Harvey, RA 280 K
Les Harvey,
RA 224K

Following a rare European tour, Alex Harvey was stricken in Zeebruggen, Belgium, with two heart attacks.He was Waiting there for the ferryboat which supposed to bring him back to England. Alex died the night of his birthday in a hospital in Brugge. Rock lost one of its most enigmatic and original proponents on February 4, 1982, the day before Alex Harvey would have turned 47.Leslie Harvey younger brother of Alex first recorded work was on an Alex Harvey LP called " The blues" in 1964 when Leslie was 16 years old. He joined his brothers band and from then until the formation of Stone The Crows in 1966 . They made music for 3 years or so, until Leslie's untimely death by electrocution on stage in Swansea in May 1972.

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