Brian Jones Tribute

On the 3rd July 1969 : Brian Jones dies at the age of 27.

The founder member of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones was born, raised and following his death, buried in Cheltenham, England. He was the subtle, hypersensitive, intellectual of the 'Stones and had his own unique brand of style and charisma.

His musical influences included Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Johnny Cash and Howlin Wolf.

He was regarded by many as an artist of multi-instrumental talents, and had the ability to play any instrument within hours. From the slide guitar on 'Little Red Rooster' through to the sitar on 'Paint It Black', he lent an exotic touch to the Stones' gritty brand of R&B.

He also shone when playing the dulcimer, marimbas, harpsichord and African flute.

He formed the world famous band the Rolling Stones,and was with them from 1962 to 1969.

Unfortunently,the stress of fame,fortune and drugs took a toll on Brian's mental and phsical health, leading the stones to fire him on June 8th 1969, shortly before his tragic and mysterious death.

Brian purchased Cotchford Farm - the former home of 'Winnie The Pooh' author A.A. Milne - in November 1968, and left The Rolling Stones in June 1969. He was planning on forming a new band following his departure from the 'Stones but was found dead under mysterious circumstances at the bottom of the swimming pool at his luxury home in the early hours of 3rd July 1969

Since his death a steady stream of admirers, both young and old, have made the pilgrimage to his final resting place near to the church in the Prestbury area of Cheltenham where he had once been a model choirboy.

Fortunently, his spirit and musical acomplishments will remain with his fans forever.


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