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On April 5th, 1998 : Cozy Powell dies at the age of 50.

Drummer Cozy (Collin) Powell died in a car accident near Bristol, England on April 5th, 1998.

It would appear that Cozy was alone in his Saab 9000 when he lost control on the M4 motorway, and crashed into the center divider traveling well in excess of 90 mph, between junctions 18 and 19. He died of his injuries in the hospital. It had been said that weather played a part in this, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The prolific Powell ,50, was touted as one of Britain's best players after stints with such greats as Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Jeff Beck, Geneva, The Who's Roger Daltrey, Gary Moore, Queen's Brian May, Whitesnake, Michael Schenker, Peter Green, the ELP spinoff Emerson, Lake and Powell and his own Cozy Powell's Hammer among many others.

Just a few weeks previously, Powell had been forced to cancel a Japanese tour with Yngwie Malmsteen because of a minor motorcycle accident that led to a foot injury.

Powell had achieved notoriety as a solo performer as well as a band player. Polydor in England recently released the "Best of Cozy Powell" which included tracks from his three solo albums. Most recently, Powell had been in discussions reguarding a reunion of Rainbow with former bandmates Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore. He recorded four albums with that band. That project is now on hold.

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