Criss Oliva Tribute

On October 17, 1993 : Criss Oliva dies at the age of 30.

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On the morning of October 17th, 1993 the rock world lost one of its most underrated influential guitarists.  For on this morning Criss Oliva lost his life due to an accident ( head on collision) with a drunk driver.
Criss and his wife Dawn were travelling to the final day of an outdoor Livestock festival.  While driving on U.S. 301 on the way to Zephyrhills, Oliva's car was struck by a drunk driver.  During the following year the drunk driver was convicted of DUI manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison( he only served 18 months) along with ten years of probation.
    Criss and his older brother Jon were the nuclei of the band Savatage.  They formed a group called Avatar in 1978 and in 1983 they changed the band's name to Savatage due to some copyright problems.

In 1994 Jon Oliva recorded an album entitled Handful of Rain as a tribute to his brother Criss. 

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