Jim Ellison Discography

Jim Ellison Discography:

* "Material Issue" (vinyl LP) Big Block Records 1987
--"She's Going Through My Head"
--"A Very Good Thing"
--"Mary Spins A Rainbow"
--"Chance of a Lifetime"
--"Color TV"

"Super Sonic 7 Inch" (2 song vinyl 45 LP)
--"Renee Remains the Same"
--"The Girl Who Never Ever Falls in Love"


International Pop Overthrow (Polygram Records 1991)
--"Valerie Loves Me"
--Renee Remains the Same"
--"This Letter"
--"Out Right Now"
--"Chance of A Lifetime"
--"International Pop Overthrow"
--"Very First Lie"
--There Was A Few"
--"This Far Before"
--"A Very Good Idea"
--"Li'l Christine"

Destination Universe (Polygram Records 1992)
--"What Girls Want"
--"When I Get This Way (Over You)"
--"Next Big Thing"
--"Who Needs Love"
--"Destination You"
--"Ballad of a Lonely Man"
--"Girl From Out of This World"
--"So Easy To Love Somebody"
--"Don't You Think I Know"
--"The Loneliest Heart"
--"Whole Lotta You"
--"If Ever You Should Fall"

Freak City Soundtrack (Polygram Records 1994)
--"Goin' Through Your Purse"
--"Kim The Waitress"
--"Funny Feeling"
--"The Fan"
--"One Simple Word"
--"A Very Good Thing"
--"I Could Use You"
--"Ordinary Girl"
--"Eko Beach"
--"She's Goin' Through My Head"
--"Help Me Land"

Telecommando Americano (Rykodisc 1997)
--"What If I Killed Your Boyfriend"
--"2 Steps"
--"Young American Freak"
--"London Girl"
--"You Were Beautiful"
--"Our Daughter"
--"Head Shop"
--"Off The Hook"
*(on this same disc are songs from the 1987 6-song release)
--"She's Goin' Through My Head"
--"A Very Good Thing"
--"Mary Spins a Rainbow"
--"Chance of A Lifetime"
--"Color TV"

Material Issue Compilations

Yellow Pills Vol. 2(released 1994)
"Something's Happened to Catherine"

_ Yellow Pills Vol. 3 (released 1995)
"The Problem With Jill"

Yellow Pills Vol. 4 (released 1997)
(Material Issue covers The Grassroots "I'd Wait A Million Years")

Melody Fair (released 1995)
(Material Issue covers The Bee Gees "Run To Me")

Singing Hollies in Reverse (released 1995)
(Material Issue lends their version of "Bus Stop" to this compilation)

Saturday Morning Cartoon
(Material Issue/Liz Phair) "The Banana Splits Song" ("TRA LA LA")

** Miscellaneous**

--Jim Ellison and Jim Peterik (The Ides of March/Survivor) wrote "Holly" (BMI)

--Jim Ellison and Jim Babjek of The Smithereens together wrote, "These Are My Memories of You" (recorded 1995)

--Jim Ellison also wrote with David Lowen and Daniel Navarro "She's Onto Something" (BMI)

--Jim Ellison wrote "Rocket Boy" with Liz Phair for the Stealing Beauty soundtrack and sang a duet with Liz of The Vapors song "Turning Japanese" for her Juevenalia album.

--Gilbey Clarke of Guns-n-Roses wrote a song about Jim after his death "Kilgore Was Here" on his album " Rubber" on Pavement Records.

--The band The Tragically Hip wrote a song called "Escape Is At Hand for the Traveling Man" which has been rumored to be about Jim.

--Material Issues First Managers went on to manage bands like The Backstreet Boys, Korn, And Limp Bizkit.

--The International Pop Overthrow festival was named after Jim's song, and is an event held in California every year that showcases new, up-n-coming POP music.

Some TV Appearances (circa early '90's)
Rick Dees Show
Dennis Miller Show
Nia Peeples Party Machine
Mtv Spring Break


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