Marc Bolan Discography


Marc Bolan U.K. Posthumous LP Discography



Tyrannosaurus Rex

Note: Double budget reissue of the first two LPs


Unicorn/ Beard of stars


Tyrannosaurus Rex

(Cube/Pye TOOFA 9)

Note: Double budget reissue of the third and fourth LPs.


T. Rex


T. Rex

(Cube/Pye HIFLY 2)

Note: Reissue in a single sleeve instead of the half-gatefold original and slightly different in colour

Electric Warrior


T. Rex

(Cube/Pye HIFLY 6)

Note: reissue.


Bolan Boogie


T. Rex

(Cube/Pye HIFLY 8)

Note: Reissue.


Marc, The Words and Music of Marc Bolan 1947-1977


Marc Bolan

(Cube/Pye HIFLY 1)

Note: Compiled by Tony Visconti and Steve Dixon. The most significant track here is "The Children of Rarn (Suite)" on side 4. This is a long 1971 demo filled out with strings, etc. by Visconti. "Desdemona" is the sanitized version. "Frowning Atahuallpa" is shortened and minus the "My Inca Love" part..


T. Rex with Marc Bolan: The Greatest Hits Vol. 1


T. Rex

(Pickwick/Hallmark SHM 953)

Note: Budget compilation LP.


T. Rex with Marc Bolan: The T. Rex Collection


T. Rex

(Pickwick/Hallmark PDA 044)


Note: This is a double LP budget compilation with the

tracks on side 1 and side 2 of the first record being.

identical to the previous LP meaning that the second

LP here was intended to be the Volume 2 implied by the

previous LP. Contents of sides 3 and 4 follow:


Solid Gold T. Rex


T. Rex


Note: compilation LP that Bolan himself actually began to put together himself shortly before his death.


The Unobtainalbe T. Rex


T. Rex

(EMI NUT 28)

Note: Compilation of mainly B-sides. Not really that. "unobtainable".


T. Rex in Concert


T. Rex

(Marc Records A BOLAN 1)

Note: Live tracks from the 1971 "Electric Warrior" tour. A Picture disc (A BOLAN 1P) exists in two versions with different pictures and a DJ only promo version with the same catalogue # has all the crowd noise removed so that there are distinctive bands between the tracks. Notable as the first Bolan live LP.


You Scare Me to Death


Marc Bolan

(Cherry Red ERED 20)

Note: Simon Napier-Bell fills out many of the 1966-67 demos from the "Beginning of Doves" LP with backing music and vocals. The two new tracks are "You Scare Me to Death" and "I'm Weird". Original issues contained a lengthy and informative gatefold booklet by Chris Welch. Also released as a pic disc (Cherry Red PERED 20)

10/81 Sees another batch of Cube/Pye reissues of TOOFA 3 and 9, and HIFLY 2,6, and 8.


The Platinum Collection of T. Rex


T. Rex

(Dakota/Cube PLAT 1002)

Note: Double compilation LP.

Across The Airwaves


Marc Bolan & T. Rex

(Cube/Dakota ICS 1004)

Note: This contains various 1969-71 radio sessions. The record is in mono and was also issued in pic disc form (ICSX 1004)


Reissue of "Marc, The Words and Music..." LP (Cube/Dakota HIFLY 1)


Reissue of "Solid Gold, T. Rex" LP on EMI FAME FA 3005.


The Children of Rarn Suite


Marc Bolan

(Marc on Wax ABOLAN 2)

Note: This is a 10-inch LP with side 2 already having appeared on "Marc, The Words and Music..." LP (HIFLY 1). It comes in a gatefold sleeve and an illustrated booklet explaining the story


"Electric Warrior" is reissued as a pic disc (Marc on Wax ABOLAN 3)


Billy Super Duper


Marc Bolan & T. Rex

(Marc on Wax ABOLAN 4)

Credits: Marc Bolan Vocals, accoustic and electric guitar Mickey Finn percussion

Steve Currie, Herbie Flowers, Stuart Gordon, Bass Dave Lutton, Tony Newman, Manny Elias, drums Dino Dines, keyboards

Pete Alerhand, Stuart Gorden, second guitar Larry Stabbins, saxophone

Produced by John and shan Bramley, Glenn Thommey Note: Contains previously unreleased recordings from 1972-1977 with lots of overdubbing from 1982. Original copies on red vinyl and included a lyric sheet.

Countdown: T. Rex


T. Rex

(Cube/Dakota, COUNT 11)

Credits: Produced by Tony Visconti

Note: Compilation LP

Child Star


T. Rex with Marc Bolan

(Pickwick U 80050

T. Rextas


T. Re (Marc on Wax ABOLAN 5)

Credits: Produced by Tony Visconti

Note: Contains live tracks form the 1971 "Electric Warrior Tour"

and released to fan club members only. It contained a free 12-inc single (ABOLAN 5F) with a live version of "Elemental Child" on one s and a studio "Jam Session" on the other. It also came with a large black and white photo poster of Marc.

Dance in the Midnight


Marc Bolan

Produced by John and Shan Bramley, Glenn Thommey Note: Partially finished, unreleased Studio recordings from 1972-1976 filled in with overdubs from 1983. The original had a double-foldout gatefold sleeve and booklet.


T. Rex

Reissues of Marc on Wax LPs: "The Slider" (MARCL 503); "Tanx" (MARCL 504): "Zinc Alloy..." (MARCL 505); "Futuristic Dragon" (MARCL 506); "Bolan's Zip Gun" (MARCL 507); "Dandy..." (MARCL 508). Note: The above are all recut reissues that came out in totally new sleeves. Of note is MARCL 505 which has "Teenage Dream" in its original intended for LP non-faded out version that was previously unavailable.

Child of the Revolution - 14 Great Hits


Marc Bolan & T. Rex

(Marc on Wax, MARCL 502)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Tracks on this record were selected by a fan club members poll. It also included the freebie "Mr. Motion" single to those members who purchased it through the fan club (stock copies contained a flier that had to be sent in for the free single. It's curious that the calalogue number is prior to the previous reissue series, but this album did appear later (see RARN 24)

Beyond the Rising Sun


Marc Bolan & John's Children

(Cambra CR 115)

Note: Double Compilation LP with songs taken from the "You Scare Me To Death" LP and Bolan's first single. The remainder of the songs with asterisks are from the John's Children LP "Legendary Orgasm Album" and do not feature Bolan.

Off The Record With T. Rex


T. Rex

(WEA/Sierra Records FEDD 1000)

Note: Another double compilation LP


T. Rex

Reissues of "Electric Warrior" (Sierra FEDB 5004); and "Bolan Boogie" (Sierra FEDB 5006)


Reissue of "Billy Super Duper" (Marc on Wax MARCL 500).


Main Man


Marc Bolan

(Cambra Records, CR 5161)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Double compilation of post '72 material. Of special note because the first 300 copies contained a free 7-inch pic disc 45 featuring the extended "Teenage Dream" and a "Light of Love--Segue" on the B-side.


Reissues of the "T. Rex" LP (Sierra FEDB 5010) and "MY People were Fair...." LP (Sierra FEDB 5013) with altered covers.

Best of the 20th Century Boy


Marc Bolan & T. Rex

(K-Tel NE 1297)

Note: Double Compilation LP of Cube and post-72 material (mostly singles).


Reissues of "T. Rex" (Sierra FEDB 5010) and "My People were FAir...." (Sierra FEDB 5013) each with altered covers.

A Crown of Jewels


Marc Bolan & T. Rex

(DO-jo Records DOJOLP 12)

Produced by Visconti/Bolan/The Bramleys

Note: Compilation LP with an unusual track selection and notable for the fact that "Dance in the Midnight" is a re-. mixed version intended to appear in 1983 but never released.


The following titles were reissued yet again on the Marc on Wax record label: "The Slider;" "Tanx;" "Zinc Alloy....;" "Bolan's Zip Gun;" "Futurustic Dragon;" and "Dandy...." The fan club chose to reissue these LPs again in the new covers, but this time with the added bonus that each LP contained a 12-inch 45 featuring A and B-sides of singles that had originally been released during the year that each LP first came out.

Till Dawn


Marc Bolan

(Marc on Wax, MARCL 509)

Produced by: Visconti/The Bramleys

Note: The first two sides of this double LP are remixes produced by the fan club and feature original T. Rex drummer Bill Legend. Sides 3 and 4 are accoustic US radio sessions from 1972. The LP also came with a freebie to fan club members which was a reissue of the 1972 interview by Michael Cuscuna Warner Bros. promo LP (see next entry)

Electric Warrior Interview (Marc Bolan Talking to Micheal Cuscuna)


Marc Bolan

(Marc on Wax MARCL 509E/F)

Notes: Reissue of the origina Warner Bros. promo in a plain sleeve, given away to fan club members with the LP "Till Dawn."

Solid Gold Boogie Boy


Marc Bolan

(Warwick Records WW 2007)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Yet another Budget compilation LP.

The Collection

5/4/86T. Rex

(Collection Series CCSLP 136)

Produced by Visconti

Note: Double compilation LP of pre-'72 material

Get It On


T. Rex

(EMI Fame FA 3154)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Yet another Budget compilation LP.


History of T. Rex (The Singles Collection 1968-77)


T. Rex

(Marc on Wax, WARRIOR 1-4)

Produced by: Visconti/BolanNote: This is a four record box set. Each LP is a separate colour picture disc and runs through all the singles from "Debora" to "Crimson Moon" all digitally remastered. There is a numbered limited edition through the fan club that came with a T-shirt.

The Very Best of T. Rex


T. Rex

(Picwick Records SHM 3204)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Still yet another Budget compilation LP.


History of T. Rex Vol. 1--The Singles Collection


T. Rex

(Marc on Wax Priority MARCL 510)

Produced by Visconti/Bolan

Note: Double compilation LP.

Teenage Dream


T. Rex

(Pickwick SHM 3217)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Budget compilation LP.


A Rare Interview with Mark (sic) Bolan: America (1972)


Marc Bolan

(Baktabak Records)

Note: This is a 10-inch pic disc LP of a post Carnegie Hall concert interview conducted by Toby Goldstein.

Lightning Strikes Twice Vol. I


T. Rex

(Request Records RR004)

Lightning Strikes Twice Vol. II


T. Rex

(Request Records RR005)

Note: These re 10-inch compilation LPs with post-'72 material. Original copies were on red vinyl.

Night Riding


T. Rex

(KNLP 10003)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: Still yet another Budget compilation LP.

The Marc Shows


Marc Bolan

(Marc on Wax MARCL 513)

Note: This is the first album of new material to be released in five years. Sound quality is limited to that of the TV broadcast and tracks are faded out as on the original broadcast. It appears that this was originally inteded to be double album release entitled The MAarc Shows Plus and it was to include tracks from various videos released by the fan club on the second record (see RARN 35), The double pouch gatefold sleeve for the released single LP seems to bear this out.

Honey Don't


Tyrannosaurus Rex

(Tyrannosaurus Rex Fan Club Issue SI4971)

Note: This peculiar release was limited to 500 numbered copies and was sold in conjunction with membership to the Tyrannosaurus Rex Appreciation Society (and Record Club). The record seems to be a legal release with proper royalties paid on it but the production confusion, the thin cover and design, give it the appearance of a bootleg. The tracks "Honey Don't," "I Love the Way," "Elemental Child," "Jewel," "Planet Quee," and "Cosmic Dancer" are from 1971 live radio sessions at WPLJ and WBAI New York and are probably the ones bootlegged on the BOLAN ALLEY LP. "Left Hand Luke...," and "The Slider," are from a Sept. 1972 radio session at WBC Boston. The three poems in the first track are from John Peel's NIGHT RIDE BBC radio show from 1968-69. The tracks "Cosmic Dancer" and "Left Hand Luke..." are in very formative stages and had not yet been laid down in the studio.

Rarities Vol. One


Marc Bolan

(Marc on Wax SPS 3)

Note: Originally a fan-club-only LP of then newly discovered rough accoustic mixes from the Tanx sessions. These versions were stumbled upon by the fanclub and were all previously unreleased tracks or versions


Rarities Vol. Two


Marc Bolan

(Marc On Wax SPS 4)

Note: These are all versions of released tracks ("Saturation Sycopation" is the working title for what later became "All Alone." on the Futuristic Dragon LP). All tracks are different from the original mixes. They all have a rough edge to them that in most cases works better than the polished and filled out versions that were officially released. The artwork for the cover is identical to Vol. One except that the first was blue and this is red.


The Ultimate T. Rex Hits Collection


T. Rex

(Telstar STAR 2539)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan

Note: This is a compilation LP of 20 A-sides. There are bonus tracks. on the cassette and CD versions including the unreleased "Plateau Skull."

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