Marc Bolan Tribute

September 16, 1977: Marc Bolan dies at the age of 29.

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In the early morning of September 16, 1977, as Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones were returning home with Jones driving their mini into an old oak tree seriously injuring herself and killing Bolan. This effectively ended T. Rex, and Marc attained instant immortality. Marc and Gloria had a son but they never married.

Steve Took, Died age 31, Percussionist ,who had been disaccotiated from Bolan for more than a decade, choked to death in 1980 on a cherry after a dose of magic mushrooms numbed all sensation in his throat. Soon after Took's musical partner, Dave Bidwell, Took's girlfriend and Bidwell's wife also died.

Steve Curry Died, age 34, the group's bass player during the glory years, died in 1981 when his car veered off the road in Portugal.

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