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On July 18, 1998 : Marc Hunter dies at the age of 44.

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Marc Hunter the former frontman of Dragon was diagnosed with severe and aggressive throat cancer. It was a time of shock for all concerned. It was also a time of extreme pressure for Marc and his wife Wendy in terms of making a decision as to what path to take with regards to treatment.

Marc undertook chemotherapy as the first course of action. During this time Marc began the search for alternative methods that would work hand in hand with western treatments.

As it turned out marcs tumor did increase in size and under the advice of his surgeon, he underwent ten hours of surgery in removing the tumor.

Marc slipped into a coma after being admitted to the David Berry Hospital in New South Wales Australia on Monday and died last night.

As front man for the very successful band Dragon, Marc sang and co-wrote almost all of Dragon's hit songs through out the 1970's. His band Dragon put 25 songs onto the top 20 charts and was consequently one of the most loved rock and roll bands around.

By 1976 Dragon was the most popular band, receiving awards for 'Band of the Year', 'Album of the Year' and the 'Most Popular Group'. Gold and platinum record plaques adorn the walls of Marc's recording studio in Sydney's Kings Cross.

In 1978 after 2 successful American tours, Dragon decided to call it a day. Marc pursued his solo career with three albums. Versatile, as well as ambitious, Marc took over their lead role in the stage

In 1984 bowing to popular demand, Marc reformed Dragon for a reunion tour having an instant No. 1 hit song 'Rain'. Dragon went on to record a string of hit songs and three more albums before taking their second hiatus.

As a solo performer, Marc has toured with international acts such as Tina Turner, Bozz Scaggs and Elton John. He has also written for film and sung the theme song to the movie 'Empty Beach', starring Elliot Gould.

By the mid 90s, Marc and Todd Hunter had been seriously making music together for more than twenty years 

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