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On November 22, 1997 : Michael Hutchence dies at the age of 37.

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SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian pop star Michael Hutchence, lead singer of the rock group INXS, has been found dead in a Sydney hotel, local media reported on Saturday.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio quoted police as saying Hutchence had died of a drug overdose. Other radio reports said he had hanged himself.

Police refused to confirm the reports but said they would hold a news conference at 0500 GMT.

"We have no confirmation on the identity of the person concerned. We are waiting until the family and spouse have been identified,'' a police spokeswoman said. The media reports said Hutchence's body was found at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the exclusive harborside suburb of Double Bay. A telephone operator at the hotel refused to comment on the reports and said Hutchence was not registered there.

INXS, born in the Australian pub-circuit in 1977, has been one of the world's most durable music groups.

Hutchence helped create modern rock sounds with such hits as ``What You Need'' and ``New Sensation.''

INXS' tenth studio album, Elegantly Wasted, was out in April 1997. It is as good, if not better, as familiar yet as different, than anything the band has done before. 

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