Mick Ronson Tribute

April 30, 1993: Mick Ronson dies at the age of 47

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When Mick Ronson died , the music world lost a man of many talents: songwriter, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and a brilliant guitarist whose searing lead style provided the earthly grounding for a new generation of rock flamboyance in David Bowie's character of Ziggy Stardust.

Many have never really acknowledged the extent of Ronson's role in shaping the sound of Bowie's best-loved albums, but those who knew kept "Ronno" busy with production work for 20 years after the Spiders From Mars burst onto the scene In the latter stages of his life Mick worked on his 'solo' album, Heaven and Hull, which is actually crammed with big names such as Joe Elliot, John Mellencamp, and Bowie, who in effect wanted to pay tribute to Ronson in the most fitting manner they could.

The album has since been produced posthumously, having been almost completed at the time of Mick's death. MickRonson died on April 30 1993, of Liver cancer, at the age of 47. He leaves behind his wife, and his 15 year old daughter.

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