Nick Drake Tribute

November 25 th, 1974: Nick Drake dies at the age of 26.

At the last time that Molly Drake saw her son Nick Drake (June 19th, 1948 - November 25th, 1974) alive, was when he was standing on his room's door ready to get some sleep. But he didn't sleep that night. He went downstairs on his parents' house, ate some cereal, took an extra-dose of an anti-depressant and died, lying across his bed.

That's the story of the rich and handsome boy, who wasn't happy with the ways his life was following and died by depression and loneliness. "I could have been a sailor/Could have been a cook/A real live lover/Could have been a book/...I would be, I should be/But how?" That's what he said in "One Of These Things First". He couldn't see no direction to his life.

His friends say that he was a nice guy, very pleasant and charming, but very quiet. A man of few words, he rarely spoke about himself. The way he found to express his thoughts was through music. That's what he explained on "Hazey Jane II": "If songs were lines in a conversation/The situation would be fine" An extraordinary musician, he created unbelievable guitar lines. His voice wasn't powerful, his lyrics are sometimes naïve, but what captures you are two things: how he used instruments like the violin and the flute and the sweet melodies that, once heard, can't be out of your head.

But he had a skin too few, everything around him affected him more than anyone else. The depression came when his musical career failured. If he was so good as everyone around him was saying, why didn't his records sell? But he wasn't interested in money or success. He just wanted to change people by his music. The world was too wrong in his opinion.

It's not known if he died by an accident or comitted suicide, because he didn't leave any note and was quite cheerful right before his death. Now he's loved all around the world and people do change after enter into his world of beauty and sweetness.


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