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On January 22, 1994 : Rhett Forrester dies at the age of 37.

Love song for Rhett's daughter Jade Real Audio 198K.

Rhett Forrester was the tall, lean blonde whose soulful voice and charismatic, pirate like, personality helped launch Brooklyn's RIOT into near superstar status in the early Eighties. With Forrester as their vocalist and frontman, RIOT played alongside such stadium acts as Rainbow, Scorpions, Kiss, Rush and Aerosmith . In Japan, Burrn ! magazine voted Forrester the number one vocalist of the year. He combined the commanding presence of Robert Plant with the soulful voice of Paul Rodgers.

The son of a Ballroom dance instructor, Forrester had the looks, the cocky nature and sweeping locks of golden hair, perfect for rock stardom. In 1982 Forrester joined New York cult band RIOT and brought them to the adult radio market. It marked (the first time RIIOT had steady rotation on New York City's top rock stations.


Forrester recorded three successful albums with RIOT . They included Restless Breed, Riot Live, and Born In Amenca. Howewer un 1983. plagued with managerial and record company woes, RIOT eventually disbanded. Forrester remained in New York working on a number of side projects. They included the vocal tracks on Jack Starks solo album, Out Of The Darkness and the New York cornpilation, Thrasher.

Taking a year off, he moved to Paris, France to record his first solo album Gone With The Wind. With his solo career in full swing, Forrester returned to the States to record Even The Score, a cult classic which landed him squarely as one of Rock's premiere vocalists.

Recently Forrester had begun work with the Canadian band DR DIRTY. After recording an album and on the very edge of success the band dissolved days before signing to a major label . Forrester then joined forces with the talented, Texan guitarist, Jonathan Grell in a project they called MR DIRTY. After finishing a superb four song demo, Forrester returned home to visit his mother.

Atlanta Newspapers January, 22 1994:

Man dies after being shot at intersection . A 37 year old Tucker man died Saturday morning after being shot in his car at a northwest Atlanta intersection on the corner of Lovejoy and Merritt off Techwood. Atlanta police stated that two men approached Forrester while he was stopped at an intersection. A witness said he overheard arguing then one of the men shot Forrester in the back. The bullet pierced his heart, yet Forrester was able to drive a few blocks where he flagged down a police cruiser. The only words he spoke to the officer were "I've been shot!" He then collapsed and died. Police have no motive or suspects.

Ms. La Fortune Forrester, Rhett's mother, has continued to fight on her son's behalf raising efforts to have him inducted into Atlanta's own Hard Rock Cafe. The ceremony was held June 22nd 1996, two weeks before the '96 Olympics. Local media coverage included live TV interviews and a host of many of Rhett's closest fans and friends. Two large shadow boxes containing Rhett Forrester memorabilia now adorn the walls of the "Georgia" room. A lasting tribute to all the fans whose lives were touch by his music.

Friends and family of Rhett Forrester have set up a reward fund for the " arrest and conviction" of Rhett's murderer who is known by the Atlanta police but they need more evidence for a conviction.

Please send all correspondence and contributions to,

" THE RHETT FORRESTER REWARD FUND" P.O.Box 748, Tucker, Georgia, 30085 USA

Rhett and Jade in 91" Photo with kind permission from Windi Forrester-Grace.

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