Ritchie Valens Tribute

3 February 1959: Ritchie Valens dies at the age of 17

February 3rd, 1959, a young boy with superstar potential was killed. Ritchie Valens was just seventeen years old and although still in his first year as a recording artist, had already made a name for himself in the music industry. Ritchie was the first Mexican American singer to achieve national recognition, paving the way for others. Ritchie Valens will always be remembered for his emotional renditions of his selfpenned hit songs Donna ' and 'La Bamba '.

In his tribute to the fated three stars Eddie Cochran sings of Ritchie:

"Ritchie you were just starting to realize your dreams,
Everyone calls me a kid, But you were only 17,
Now almighty God has called you
Up Oh so far away,
Maybe it's to save some boy or girl, Who might have gone astray,
And with your star shining,
Through the dark and lonely night
To light the path,
And show the way
The way that's right''

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