Sandy Denny Tribute

April 21, 1978 : Sandy Denny dies at the age of 31.

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April 21, 1978, the best and most loved female singer of contemporary folk rock died of a brain hemorrhage. Sandy Denny was just 31 years old and her death was a great loss to both British folk rock and the world.

Sandy's clear, emotive voice always soared with a touching sensitivity and piognancy. She added depth and a personal strength to each of the bands she played with. Just before her sudden death Sandy recorded a magnificent, very real, solo album 'Rendezvous' With that album she left us a beautiful legacy of her music. Ironically, one of the songs is a moving rendition of Elton John's 'Candle In The Wind' {a song about Marilyn Munroe) which almost seems to be a foreshadowing of her own fate. Other memorable tracks on the album are I'm A Dreamer' and 'All Our Days'

We will remember Sandy in all our days.

Lets keep the memory alive

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