Shannon Hoon Tribute

October 21, 1995: Shannon Hoon dies at the age of 28.

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Shannon Hoon -- a Lafayette native and lead singer of the multi-million album selling band Blind Melon -- died Saturday afternoon October 21, 1995 in New Orleans.

Blind Melon recorded 'Soup' just around the corner from where he died in New Orleans, and the album begins and ends with a classic Bourbon St. brass band funeral march. He even lays it on the line, straight out, on the album's final track of 'Lemonade' (laced, I have no doubt, with Barbancourt Rhum): "This far down South, I have no self-control." You ain't the first one, darlin'. And you won't be the last. I hope you're shootin' the shit with Johnny Thunders right now, he knows the score. The pisser is, you went out at the very point where your lack of self-control was stretching your vision (and vocal cords) to the max.

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