Sid Vicious Tribute

On February 2,1979 : Sid Vicious, dies at the age of 21

' Too fast to live too young to die'.

It is said that the shabby rooms of New York City's fabled Chelsea Hotel are inhabited by ghosts--of Mark Twain, Janis Joplin and other luminaries who once occupied them.

But none of the wandering souls could tell a more haunting tale than the spirits of Nancy Spungen and her lover, Sid Vicious. It was in the early morning hours of Oct. 12, 1978, in room 100, that Sid ended his tempestuous 21-month relationship with Nancy by stabbing her to death with a hunting knife.

Four months later, in agony without her, he ended his own tortured life as well. At the time, Sid was 21 years old.

As bass player for the Sex Pistols, which had broken up a year earlier, he was a member of one of Britain's most influential and incendiary punk-rock bands. Nancy, 20, had been his most ardent fan.

Together, the couple were in the forefront of rock's avant-garde, two dog-collared nihilists who brought their twisted, gothic romance to its ill-fated end.

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