Tim Kelly Tribute


On February 5, 1998 :Tim Kelly dies at the age of 35.

Timothy Patrick Kelly

For many February 5th, 1998  will be remembered as a sad day in music history.  Tim Kelly, guitarist for the rock group Slaughter, was involved in a head on collision with an 18 wheeler near Baghdad, Arizona.  He was driving on a remote highway when a tractor trailer jacknifed crossing the road's center line colliding with the left front side of the car he was in.
Kelly was not killed instantly.  He was transported, along with five other people, to the Baghdad, Arizona Health Clinic.  While at the facility he succumed to massive head injuries.  Kelly died at approximately 6:30 pm that Thursday evening.
Around the time of his death, Kelly had completed a minor repair on a live track called "Rock the World" for Slaughter's live album entitled "Eternal Live".  This enhanced CD had been dedicated to Kelly's memory.  It contains footage and photographs to serve as a visual tribute to Tim.