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Tupac Shakur

September 13, 1996: Tupac Shakur dies at the age of 25

2pac was shot on saturday, September 7, and died from the 4 bullet wounds 6 days later.

Tupac Shakur, the rapper whose raw lyrics drew on therage of a coarse urban existence and seemed a blueprint of his own violentlife, died Friday from wounds suffered in a drive-by shooting. He was 25.

Shakur, whose right lung was removed after he was shot Saturday in LasVegas, was pronounced dead at 4:03 p.m. at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.  Known as 2Pac, he was one of the most successful -- and scorned --"gangsta" rappers. Fans bought millions of records; others denounced himand his lyrics for glorifying violence and drugs and degrading women. Shakur was hit by four bullets Sept. 7 as he rode near the Las Vegas Strip in a car driven by the head of Death Row Records, Marion "Suge" Knight, who was slightly wounded.

It was the second time Shakur had been gunned down in less than two years. In November 1994 he was shot five times during an apparent robbery in the lobby of a Manhattan recording studio.

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