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June 30,1993: Wong Ka Kui dies at the age of 31.

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Tokyo -Wong Ka Kui, the singer with Hong Kong's leading rock band, Beyond, died June 30 after severeal days in a coma. He had sustained severe head injuries in an accident at a Tokyo TV studio.

Wong, 31, and the other three members of Beyond had been taking part in a "mock battle" with other guests during shooting of Fuji TV variety program "Uchan Nanchan No Yarunara Yaraneba!" at about I a.m. June 24. During the 'battle" sequence, a panel at the edge of the elevated set gave way and Wong and show co-host Teruyoshi Uchimura fell more than 7 feet to the studio floor below.

Wong and Uchimura, who sustained a bruise to his chest were taken to a nearby hospital. The Chinese artist-whose nickname, in a grim twist of fate, was "Koma" - showed a slight improvement June 27 when a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine treated Wong after doctors here pronounced the case hopeless.

In the days following the accident, thousands of Beyond fans gathered at Hong Kong temples to pray for Wong and deluged the band's management office with calls and inquiries, causing the office to temporarily suspend operations.

Each of Beyond's 10 albums has sold an average of 500,000 copies in the Southeast Asian region.

"I wich I were in his place," said Wong Ka Keung, Beyond's bassist and Ka Kui's brother, before breaking into tears.

Tokyo police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, said Koh-ichi Murakami, senior executive producer of the Fuji Television Network's programming departments

Although the network had cearried out all necessary safety measures, said Murakami, "we are taking action to prevent other accidents." He confirmed, however, that there was no safety net in place during the filming.

Formed in 1983, Beyond has a reputation for bucking the conventions of the Hong Kong music in dustry. Their hard-rocking style and overtly political Iyrics set them apart from the usual Cantonese idol fare.

In the first such deal involving Hong Kong rock band, Beyond in January 1992 signed a worldwide management contract with Amuse an effort to expand beyond the Hong Kong and overseas Chinese markets and become a truly international act.

The band's members have been living in Japan since January, recording new material, learning Japanese, and making media appearances.

Despite the accident, which leaves the group's future very much in doubt, Beyond's new Japanese-language single, "Kuchibiru-Ubaitai ' was released June 25 as scheduled.


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