Roy Buchanan Tribute

 On August 14, 1988 : Roy Buchanan dies at the age of 48

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Roy Buchanan's reputation as " the world's Best Unknown Guitarist" extends back to the beginnings of rock & roll itself. On the road and recording with Dale Hawkins by his teens, Buchanan became the law of the land around the Washington, D.C., area by the mid-to-late '60 s.

His use of the Fender Telecaster, using high harmonic squeals in place of feedback and distortion, was part and parcel of rock guitar's vocabulary by the early '70 s. A reluctant superstar, Buchanan later became more unfocused as his career waned, but his unique stylings remain etched into his best records. Sadly, when Buchanan seemed on the verge of a comeback .

After he was arrested after a family fight at his home , in Reston, Virginia, at 10 p.m.he hung himself in a police cell on August 14 1988, on his own shirt. He left behind a number of records which testify that he was a word class guitarist, capable of tones and techniques that other guitarists only dream of, his wife, seven children and five grandchildren.

Gary Moore paid tribute to Roy on his "After the War" CD ,whit one of the best guitar ballads ever played, Roy's " The Messiah Will Come Again " from "A Street Called Straight".

"They called him "A Messiah on Guitar"

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