Rory Gallagher Discography

Rory Gallagher Discography

Contains track lists, names of accompanying musicians, reviewers' comments, comments by album collaborators, some of Rory's own remarks, etc.

1974 In the Beginning, an early taste of Rory Gallagher
(recorded in 1967, aka Take It Easy Baby)

1969 Taste
1970 On The Boards
1970 Live At The Isle Of Wight
1971 Live Taste
1987? In Concert (The Marquee-London, 1968)
1994 The Best Of Taste
1994 Taste Anthology *

1971 Rory Gallagher
1971 Deuce
1972 Live! In Europe
(Please note that there is also an incomplete CD re-release of Live!
In Europe - Stage Struck released by I.R.S./Capo Records that has the
same cover photo and name as Live! In Europe. See the CD RE-RELEASES
1973 Blueprint
1973 Tattoo
1974 Irish Tour '74
1974 In The Beginning (Vocal and Guitar) Emerald GES1110
1974 The Story So Far (Compilation)
1975 Sinner And Saint (Compilation)
1975 Against The Grain
1976 Calling Card
1976? The Best Years (Compilation)
1978 Photo-Finish
1978 Top Priority
1980 Rory Gallagher ( Pickwick)
(1988: reissued on CD with bonus track Nothing but the devil)
1980 Stage Struck
(1989: reissued on CD with alternate version of Follow me)
1982 Jinx (1988: reissued on CD with bonus track Hellcat)
1987 Defender
1988 Best of Rory & Taste (Razor mach 10 D)
1990 Fresh Evidence
1992 Edged In Blue (Compilation)
1995 A Blue Day For The Blues (Compilation)

1973 Reading Festival, 1973: Hands off (live)
1986 Blues On 2: When my baby she left me
1987 Live For Ireland (double album only): Follow me (live)
1992 A to Z of Irish Rock, 2 CD Set Solid Records 1992 (Tattoo'd Lady)
1995 Peter Green Songbook - First Part: Leaving Town Blues;
Showbiz Blues (in the USA released with different title:
"Rattlesnake Guitar: The music of Peter Green")
1992 G-men Bootleg Series, Vol. 1
3 CDs set with the official reproduction (bootleg the bootleggers...)
of the following 2 bootlegs:
Calling Hard
The Bullfrog Interlude (Aka What's The Story Rory)

1970 Message Of Love. 1970 Isle of Wight Festival (directed by Murray
Lerner, and first shown by BBC2 on Saturday August 26, 1995)
(Taste: "Sinner Boy")
1974 Irish Tour '74 (directed by Tony Palmer;
unfortunately not yet available on video)

1990 Live In Cork (1987) (directed by Anita Notaro)
1995 Extended version on video of "Message of Love", 1970 Isle of Wight
Festival. (Taste: "Gambling Man", "Sinner Boy")


1971 Mike Vernon - Bring It Back Home *

1972 Muddy Waters - The London Muddy Waters Sessions (Chess)
1973 Jerry Lee Lewis - The Session. London, 1973
(1986: reissued as The Complete Session, Vol. 1 -2,
with 6 bonus tracks, 2 of them with Rory Gallagher)

1974 Muddy Waters - London Revisited
1977 Albert King - Live (1975)
1977 Joe O'Donnell - Gaodhal's Vision
1978 Lonnie Donegan - Putting On The Style
1978 Mike Batt - Tarot Suite
1984 Box Of Frogs - Box Of Frogs
1986 Box Of Frogs - Strange Land
1989 The Fureys & Davey Arthur - The Scattering
1989 Davy Spillane Band - Out Of The Air
1989 Phil Coulter - Words And Music
1992 The Dubliners - 30 Years A-Greying
1993 Chris Barber & Band - The Outstanding Album (1968-1972)
1995 Samuel Eddy - Strangers On The Run

1994 Blueprint (Castle Communications CLACD 316)
1994 Tattoo (Castle Communications CLACD 315)
1994 Calling Card (Castle Communications CLACD 352)
1988 Irish Tour '74 (Demon Records Ltd; IRS/Capo Records (US))
1991 Against the Grain (Castle Communications CLACD 223)
1988 Jinx (Fiendcd 126)
1988 Top Priority

1991 Live! In Europe (I.R.S./Capo Records, USA release)
(1 CD. Live!In Europe - Stage Struck combination. "In Your Town"
and "Last of The Independents" are not included from the original
recordings. "Follow me" is a different version than on the original
LP release.)
1989 Live! In Europe - Stage Struck (Castle Communications PLC, TFOLP020)
(2CD set. All the tracks from the original recordings are
included. "Follow me" is a different version than on the
original LP release)

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